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Posted by adzwind on Jul 4, 11 4:00 am · History


Posted by adzwind on Jul 4, 11 3:55 am · History

I enjoy what Ami Korr has to report

Posted by Walker33 on May 21, 11 10:41 pm · History

heyyyy.. just thought id say hi and see how ur doing

Posted by koobecaf on Feb 2, 11 1:23 pm · History

Ooooh, your layout is gorgeous! Thank you so much for wishing me a happy holiday, Cookie! I hope yours was WONDERFUL:D Ha ha! I'll talk to you soon? Xoxo

Posted by Butterface89 on Jan 24, 11 2:05 pm · History

You are INSANELY adorable.

Posted by KymmieCAKES on Jan 21, 11 3:08 pm · History

you should whoop there asses and be like where is the shit they should have shown

Posted by koobecaf on Jan 8, 11 7:36 pm · History

heyyyyyyyy wats uppppp. missed you & holy shit your layout is adorrable. >_< were can i get it? prety please with cherries on topp

Posted by koobecaf on Jan 2, 11 3:24 pm · History

oh wow...what a workout lol~
the outcome does look great tho,hope you don't change it anytime soon!!
you're welcome :)

lol,which image?!...

Posted by Snaily on Dec 21, 10 2:28 am · History

Hello dear!..good to hear from you again :D
nice lyt btw ^ ^! I'm doing quite well actually,thanks for asking! How about you?

Posted by Snaily on Dec 20, 10 6:46 pm · History

hello every body i m anew guest s_ maiere

Posted by hussinsoliman on Aug 2, 10 3:48 pm · History

Thanks so much for your comment! You are sooooo right; I had saved some of the material in GIF because I had some stupid animation on it. But lately I've been saving my stuff in PNG-24 (bicubilar? or something) and it's soooo much crisper. Thank God. It was was panic at the disco for a moment ^^ So thanks for that(:

Posted by Butterface89 on Jul 31, 10 10:01 am · History

:'( me need help w| layout !

Posted by koobecaf on Jul 29, 10 1:30 am · History

Totally cute layout! I left a comment under it today. How do you ( and many others on here) keep your layouts so clear and crisp like this? It's like after I save something (png), it loses it's clarity. Images aren't crisp. With your layout, for example, it looks like the image is jumping out of the page because it's so crisp!

Posted by Butterface89 on Jul 26, 10 7:19 pm · History

Thank You Very Much for the lyt cmnt :D!!!

Posted by Snaily on May 27, 10 6:45 pm · History

Thaaank you for the add! n____n

Posted by x3Simplicity on Apr 16, 10 2:10 am · History

W E L C O M E :D

Posted by Snaily on Apr 5, 10 5:30 pm · History

You're Very Welcome Dear :D

Btw,Welcome to Createblog :)!!!

Posted by Snaily on Mar 24, 10 9:34 am · History

You're welcome!

Posted by tokyo-rose on Mar 23, 10 4:31 pm · History

Hey there, warm welcomes to Createblog! I'm Sarah; feel free to drop me a line if you have any problems getting started with the community or the resources here. :)

Posted by S-Majere on May 15, 08 7:10 am · History

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